The network of French-speaking botanists. The Tela Botanica is a network of all French-speaking botanists, who want to share their knowledge on ecology and preserving the nature. Its purpose is to promote the exchange of information, to run projects thanks to new communication technologies and to provide open source data to serve the whole botanical community, professionals as well as amateurs. Moreover, the online platform offers its users many useful tools:


  • an online notebook for field data :
  • an electronic flora and library
  • an interface for herbaria collections :
  • an editing space for writing articles and recording events about botany:
  • a webspace for collective work :

Tela Botanica successes are so far:
15 292 members from 85 countries / About 1 000 active members
147 454 shared botanical data, 29 694 shared flora pictures
70 volunteering projects open on the website:
Name of organization:Tela Botanica
Project title:The network of French – speaking botanists
Project website:

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