Are you a real fan of your mother tongue? Are you focused on correct use of it in everyday life? 

‘zCorrecteurs’ project’s team make the society aware of the importance of speaking and writing correctly in French. They want to help them not to make the same mistakes and become ambassadors of good French among people around. ‘zCorrecteurs’ website offers various resources linked with the French language. It also helps people, in the context of individual and group projects, to proofread documents in French voluntarily. 


The goal is to make documents grammatically correct, to correct orthography and conjugation in order to make people conscious of the importance to read and write properly in French. Voluntary proofreaders (who are not professionals, just fans), after each correction, make detailed comments to the author of the document presenting the main mistakes she/he has made and suggest how to avoid mistakes in the future. 



Who are the e-volunteers taking part in the project? How did you start the cooperation with them?

Volunteers who help us are overwhelmingly young, either students or young professionals. They are between 15 and 30 years old and are passionate about French language and web. The first recruitment of volunteers was done on the site of the first project that we started to help ( Subsequently, we have repeatedly published announcements for recruitment on our website. These recruitments allowed us to collect the proper number of applications and thanks to that find new volunteers motivated by our project.

How do you verify the e-volunteers competences before you start the cooperation with them?

We have a recruitment process that has been refined over the years. It depends on the type of job the candidate wishes to occupy, but the basic idea remains the same with a process in two steps. The candidate first applies on our website by submitting a motivation letter to help us better know the candidate and to get a first glimpse of his skills. After an initial screening of candidates, the candidates have to pass a test in order to check what they wrote in their motivation letters. Proofreaders have to correct a text in real conditions and provide a comment on the corrected text, while web developers are subject to a telephone interview to test their knowledge. Current members of the team then analyze responses of candidates and choose volunteers they consider suitable for the position.

How do you ensure the safety and the quality of the e-volunteers work?

It’s highly suggested for volunteers to exchange the results of their work and thus improve themselves continuously through evaluation within the team. Communication is very important and we provide them with all the necessary tools to keep these exchanges, often very successful. The team leading the project also monitors volunteers, availability and motivation, and organizes the recruitment of new volunteers when there is a vacancy. 



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