A community-based language exchange platform Fluentfuture believes strongly in social responsibility and expanding access to language education. That’s why FF created a vibrant volunteer community offering online tutoring to students in need across borders & backgrounds. One can learn languages for free by using the database to make contact with e-volunteers wishing to learn others language.


The pilot project code-named Project Teresopolis is now in the midst of being launched where fluentfuture volunteers are offering online language tuition to children from poor families in Teresopolis, Brazil to improve their future prospects.

Who are the e-volunteers?

They are citizens/members of our language exchange social networking on http://www.fluentfuture.com.

Whom do they address their activity to? Who is the recipient?

Under privileged schoolchildren. We aim to improve further employability.


Name of the organization: Fluent Future Ltd.

Project title: Fluentfuture Volunteer Project

Project website: http://www.fluentfuture.com

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